Jackpot Slots Designed for Those Who Believe in Their Luck

Jackpot Slots: Great Chance to Win a Lot of Money at Once

You have probably heard of the lucky ones who managed to hit the big jackpot. Instead of feeling envious of them, you can try your luck by playing jackpot slots. Just in case, we’ll clarify what the term “jackpot” means.

This is when your winnings significantly exceed the amount of your bet. Having won the slots jackpot once, you will be provided for the next many years. Therefore, such slots are the most popular among many online casino players.

Types of Jackpot Slots: Free Download, Max of the Advantages

Do you want to win a really large amount of money? Choose the most promising options to become truly rich. We will look at the main types of jackpots in slot machines below.

Simple: make you richer, but not too

By going to the payout table of any slot, you will see various types of paid combinations and their value. This value is expressed in the amount of the payout multiplier. As you know, the winning amount is defined as the product of a multiplier and bet size. That is, the most valuable combinations bring the largest wins.

So, a simple jackpot corresponds to the maximum amount of payments – that are fixed – for the most valuable combination landed on the reels at the maximum bet size. In pursuit of a simple jackpot, you will feel like a high-roller.

Cumulative jackpot: closer to your own yacht, but not so much

Such jackpot slots can accumulate a prize pool until someone gets it all at once. When placing bets, each player pays a commission to increase the jackpot, and you do the same. So, the total prize pool depends on the popularity of the slot and the amount of commission charged from each bet.

Such jackpots often grow to six-digit amounts. Therefore, you should compete for the right to be called lucky. It is worth it to compete for the right to be called lucky.

Progressive jackpot slots: how to become a millionaire

Such slots are also called double jackpot slots because they play huge amounts of money. The principle of increasing the prize pool is similar to the accumulative jackpot slots. However, it is filled with a commission from bets charged for various slots within one online casino or provider.

The huge flow of money stops at one point when the right symbols have landed on the reels. Remember that many casinos accept Bitcoin cryptocurrency – if you care about your privacy.

Most Promising Options

NetEnt slots are record holders for jackpot payouts. Here are some of the most promising options for you.

Mega Fortune

This 5-reel slot shows the vibrant life of Hollywood stars that can become a reality for you.

It is listed in the Guinness Book of Records for incredible payments of 12 million euros and about 18 million euros for the Finnish and Norwegian gamblers.

Arabian Nights

This slot will interest you with its theme and bonus features.

In addition, as statistics show, it pays more than 1,5 million euros every 77 days on average.

Divine Fortune

Creating this slot, NetEnt focuses on Ancient Greece and its riches. Start spinning the Divine Fortune reels to get the lucky picks.

By choosing the jackpot slots, you get regular wins and you can hit the big jackpot – two in one. Use fiat money or cryptocurrency (BTC) for betting to become truly rich.

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