Best High Roller Slots for High Bets Lovers

High Roller Slots: Designed for Those Who Are Not Afraid to Take Risks

High Roller is a term previously associated with poker exclusively. With the development of online gambling – in particular, online slot machines – players who want to play at maximum bets began to be called high rollers too. The ability to win a large sum in one successful spin motivates such gamblers to play big.

So, high roller slots are machines in which the range of bets is much higher than in regular ones. They provide you the opportunity to risk of $ 200 or more amounts. The upper limit exists, and it is due to the requirement to prevent money laundering in casinos. However, some models may allow you to bet up to $ 500 per spin and even more. Huge high roller slot wins attract players from all over the world to make large bets in the hope of becoming a millionaire.

High Roller Slots: General Features

The collection of slots of almost any provider contains games offering a wide range of bets. Significantly, such slots are not allocated to a separate category. There are many Vegas slots with a top bet limit of $ 200-500. Without even start playing, you can find out about the range of bets by reading the description of each slot or after launching the game.

Here are a few features of the high roller slots you should know about:

  • A wide range of stakes to choose from. These are not necessarily penny slots, since the lower limit can also be quite high. Wizard of Oz is an exception, since you can bet from $ 0.01 per spin – if only 1 payline is in active state.
  • Interesting additional features. In order to attract high rollers to the game, slot manufacturers add special symbols and themed bonus rounds. These features increase your chances of big winnings even more.
  • The free spins availability. By landing three or more Scatters on reels, you will get several free spins – the house makes all these bets instead of you. Each high roller expects the launch of free spins because he can get particularly large prizes without spending his money. Many high roller slots contain a bonus round with free spins – Polar slot as example.
  • High RTP. When playing at high stakes, you probably want to return some of the money spent at least. RTP of more than 95% means that during a long gaming session you will get back most of your bets. Volatility is another one important indicator. High volatility means that you can get a very large amount, but the probability of such a win in each next round is lower than usual. High roller slots are characterized by a high volatility index, so you can expect for a really big prize.

How to Win at High Roller Slots – Useful Tips

  • Stay calm and be patient as winnings are less common.
  • Place bets at high roller slots only if you have a large bankroll.
  • Choose only elite slots and view feedback.
  • Use slot machine winning strategies (Martingale, Fibonacci systems and so on).
  • Never risk your last money.

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